Online Casino US Gambling Laws – Do Proxies Expose You To The Gambling Ritz-High-Rollers?

From The Times, October 14, 2006 (Dominic Walsh):

“PRESIDENT BUSH yesterday gave the coup de grace to the US internet gambling industry of $ 6 billion (£ 3.2 billion) when he formally signed legislation prohibiting all transactions involving US gamblers. .. ”

This ties in with the passage of the US Illegal Internet Gambling Enforcement Act as an addendum to the Safe Harbor Act. It would appear that its purpose is to prevent online gambling from taking place in the US The British government has been very quiet about its support or not, although opposition parties have spoken out strongly against the authorities’ attempts. Americans to implicate UK bankers in what they see as ‘retrospective legislation’. All online gambling companies have stopped any online gambling for ‘real money’ in the US (source The Times, October 14, 2006)

It is further complicated by the fact that there appear to be no specific laws to prevent online gambling in the states of Nevada, California and Louisiana. (source ATS Networks, posted on ATS Bets. com)

Online casino operators no longer accept real money gaming memberships from anyone physically located in the US That is obviously the correct answer.

Technically, this presents enormous challenges. It is quite easy to block the IP address originating from the US It is quite easy to check home addresses etc. and even credit card addresses, but what about the gambler who is determined and has a little computer savvy? Let’s face it, the level of computer literacy that the average person on the street these days often exceeds the standard of computer experts from just a few years ago. And it gets even better as the day goes on.

For a person within the US to get a mailing address outside of the US, and even get a credit / debit card outside of the US, not a real problem for a certain “High Roller “. So does the real protection come from banning US-sourced IP addresses? Unfortunately, for someone with a modest computer knowledge these days, the answer has to be ‘no, it doesn’t offer any protection’. It is very easy, and it costs very little, to use the services of a proxy server to hide the correct IP address of a computer on the Internet, so that it appears to come from another country. Any country you like almost. It only takes a few minutes, and someone in the US may appear to the computer of online gaming companies that they are in another part of the world.

Proxy servers can also be detected for the most part, but even these can be “fooled” by very determined people.

I am of the opinion that proxy servers should be considered as a potential risk for online gaming companies and that for the time being, anyone attempting to access online games through the use of a proxy server should potentially be considered physically In the US, therefore ยูฟ่าเบท , all proxy server traffic to online gaming companies must be identified by the computer systems of online gaming companies and block / prohibit access to that system. The use of advanced computer ‘tools’ to detect this is absolutely essential. I am watching with interest developments throughout this area.

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