If You Used MS Outlook For Email You Have Encountered These

A lot of businesses don’t want to invest their time and effort in creating internal messaging infrastructure. The management of such infrastructures can be expensive too. Therefore, many companies opt for the most efficient method to manage their email, which is via hosting. If you choose to use these services, you will be able to protect your company from the risk of infection by viruses, higher costs, as well as regular hardware or software issues. Here are a few points which will explain the advantages of making the smart option for companies to go for hosting services for their email:

  • Secure access to Webmail– If you purchase hosting for email , you can expect an individual server that will provide secure webmail access to everyone in your company. These services typically have top-of-the-line data centers that are managed by experts around the clock. 128 bit encryption has become the standard used by industry mail servers. The encryption is in effect during the time that the webmail session is active.
  • Large Storage SpaceIf you sign up to email hosting services that have dedicated servers, you’ll receive a large amount of storage space together with every mailbox. The storage capacity provided by these services could differ from megabytes or gigabytes. These email1and1 storage space can be used to store thousands of messages within your mailbox.
  • All-time access from AnywhereIf you choose intelligent email hosting services you will be able to access all your email accounts, regardless of where you are or what device or browser you’re using. Many of these hosting providers have dedicated servers that are fully compatible with mobile devices such as Windows Mobile and iPhones.
  • Secure POP and IMAP Access– Access to desktop email clients via IMAP or POP is also secure when you use email hosting services which makes it a wise option for most companies. You can be confident about the security and confidentiality of your email as well as user names and passwords since the whole communication between email clients is protected. Therefore, when an email client transmits the user’s information for confirmation for verification to the server that handles mail, none of that information is leaking because of encryption.

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